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We Specialize in Behavior Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation Technique

I have developed a specific set of skills to rehabilitate AGGRESSIVE dogs! My success is backed by customer video reviews and written testimonies. I lower your dog's AGGRESSION, have them focus on you, then reward them for calm behavior. I execute a planned series of desensitizing exercises with dogs and people. My clients see amazing results in the 1st session.

We are proactive and teach our clients to

            5 star rating 4/4/2019 Yelp

I wanna be Daniel Ross when I grow up lol. I am in school for dog behavioral and dog training. I ended up with a Doberman Pinscher on my doorstep who was abused. I have four dogs of my own and trying to complete school. I took this 2 year old Doberman Pinscher, and decided I would try to train him and make him adoptable. Well this is a strong, fierce breed. After three days with this Dobie I knew I needed REAL help. I live in L.A. county, upon looking up dog trainers, Dan's business popped and the reviews were stellar.

Long story short I hired Dan. The moment I met him he walked up my driveway with such confidence and power. My neighbor was standing outside when Dan walked up. We both stood there in aww of this dog trainer walking up to my house like he was the body guard of The President of The United States!!!!! I was impressed, I watch body language closely. He has worked two times so far with my Dobie, we have a ways to go because we are taking this Dobie ALL the way to service dog training. 

Dan explains what's going on, has patience with me, because I'm worn out with this beast of a dog. He has me do excersises again and again. I will post two pics to show how this Dobie has changed since meeting Daniel. Dan follows up with a recap e mail after every session. He gives me tools that he thinks I could use and tells me to pay him another time. That's someone who wants to bring dog and man together and harmony in the home. I feel safe with my dogs now that Daniel is in our lives. There's nothing he can't handle, he would just switch gears and try another way and wouldn't skip a beat. I've been a dog owner a long time. Thanks to Dan I'm going to keep this Doberman who was beaten and mistreated for two years. It's work everyday to get him better, but Dan makes it easy and understandable. The confidence Dan puts out, ends up transferring to your dog. He teaches you how to be the pack leader. Dan will forever be my personal dog trainer, just look at the difference in these pictures of my Dobie before Dan, and after.

Cherie H, January 31, 2018

Daniel is great, he is easy to work with and is very knowledgeable. His techniques are perfect for how I like to interact and work with my dog. I have had dogs all my life but found myself requiring a little bit of help with my new rescue dog, Dutchess, who has displayed some aggression with unfamiliar dogs when walking. We first worked on the walk to fine-tune it and then tackled introduction to dogs. I am happy to report she is doing great. She is still learning her manners and we are working to get her to be a lady, but I love the progress that I have seen so far. Daniel encourages questions and genuinely cares about what he editing.

Amazing Results

Priscila and her dog Foof have been doing Dog Rehabilitation training. This is our 3rd session. Foof is 95% better at lowering his energy when meeting new dogs and people. He was never socialized. He was traumatized in his young life. He has bitten several people in the home and use to go beserk when meeting people! Hit Replay to watch video

Marco T, February 9, 2018

Daniel really knows his stuff. We now have 2 happy and friendly German shepherds. All the advice we received on introducing a new dog to our family worked. After 3 hrs of training sessions and about 7 days of follow up training. They are now walking side by side with no aggression, Max (new dog) and Foxy accepted each other. Both dogs live in harmony in my backyard now. We are very happy with the success we had. We highly recommend Daniel to work with you and your dogs. My dogs were attacking each other and we could not leave them together in our fenced yard.

Tried Several other Trainers

Fearful Dog Rehabilitation

I use my Cattle dog Trinity to help rehabilitate fearful and aggressive dogs every week. In this case, my client Greg and Karen had rescued a dog from the streets. Once they finally caught Ella and took her home she would not leave the bedroom unless they carried her out. Ella would not look at me or let me pet her. After the 2nd session, I could pet Ella and she showed signs of well being.

(Yelp Review): We had recently adopted a German Shepard, Ella, who was abused in the past. She was very skittish around strangers and would barely come out of a room. Daniel really helped our dog become happy again and learn new skills. He offered to bring his own dog to one of our training sessions. Ella finally showed her playful side and learned new skills by watching Daniel and his dog interact with each other. My family and I had a great experience with Daniel and we will continue to work with him! Karen W. 6/12/2018

Abused Dog gets a Complete Transformation

Dan Ross, OCK-9Services. My client rescued a lab mix, Bodey, that was abused. He was extremely fearful of people and dogs. This dog would not even go on walks. He would shut down and freeze!! 1st on the agenda was to get him walking. Within 2 training sessions, he was walking great. The pack walk is one of the best things you can do for your dog. I started out slowly building Body's CONFIDENCE. As an experienced behavior dog trainer, I find out what motivates the dog and use it in our training exercises. 

Bodey learned how to go on bike rides. This was a big breakthrough for Bodey. He was starting to come out of his shell. We took Body to the beach and he acted like a normal dog, playing, running, and engaging with us. This type of rehab work is a process. In just 2 months Body is a completely different dog.


Successful Rehab

Rachel S, February 8, 2017

Dog Training - Private Lessons

Daniel is super nice and great to work with. He is very knowledgeable about dogs and their behavior. We have only had 2 sessions so far but I have already learned so much. I am training one of my dogs to be a therapy dog so he is giving me a lot of information to help me be successful. I am blown away how different Radar is now. After our last Aggression rehab session and a few follow up exercises Radar respects me as the leader and looks to me before he greets people. He is good with people now!

Dog Aggression ELIMINATED 

Kristina, 5-star Review

Daniel was very good and I am glad that I decided to get some training with my pup. I have an 80lb pit bull mix who is dog aggressive and I have tried numerous techniques and products to try and control him when he gets crazy on the leash seeing other dogs. Daniel knew immediately what to do and had my dog walking next to, behind and around other dogs within minutes with no reaction from my pup. Performing the techniques on my own has been a bit challenging but I am getting better at it day by day. I will definitely refer Daniel to anyone for dog rehab training.

At Kristina's home


Results may vary

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