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Training Services

A) Build communication and get your dog focused on you

B) Socialization, the stress-free walk in Parks & public facilities

C) Master the Place, Come, Sit, Down, Stay, Stop, Go Back, Leave it, Drop it, and Heel commands

D) Set Boundaries and Limitations

E) Free potty training and Crate training guide with any Puppy Training program

F) Custom Personal in Home programs and Group Classes 

H) Get your dog adapted to being handled, noises, health inspections, and stress.

I) House Manners, Personal in Home Training

J) Good Canine Citizen, Service Dog, & Emotional Support

K) All Types of Puppy Training

L) All behavior problems solved, OCD, Fears, Aggression

M) Teach Special Tricks 

N) All Breeds, any size, No clicker Training

O) Leash & off Leash Training

P) Training is tested in busy, loud, and populated environments for compliance anywhere.

Q) My clients typically only need 3 to 4 sessions to complete Obedience Training.

R) I sell Advanced Trained Dogs/Puppies. $4000 to $11,000 depending on the Training level desired.

S) We Proof all the dog behaviors so your dog will do them anytime or anywhere.

            We provide Board & Train: 

Your dog will be trained while being boarded at the Grand Pet Care Center in Santa Ana/GPC. GPC is a Veterinarian Hospital that Boards dogs. GPC has been in business for 39 years.

         Personal one-on-one training: 

It is our most popular training: We train you and the dog together. You are encouraged to bring up to 4 family members! The sessions range between 1 to 2 hours long. The sessions are typically one hour long. We will in certain situations train at your home!

                                     GROUP CLASSES

We will hold these classes once a week and are one hour long in most cases. The classes will be held at the Grand Pet Care Center or the Costa Mesa Bark Park. We accept up to 10 people per class. No aggressive or excessive barking dogs, please. We will train the dogs to perform basic obedience commands such as:

Sit - Down - Stay - Come - Leave it - Place - Stop 

We will hold  Behavior modification Classes also.

            Call for Pricing as it may vary

Skype or FaceTime for personal Training

Are you interested in our services but don’t have the budget? Are you in an area of the USA we do not reach? 

My remote Training can help you get Amazing results and build a lasting relationship with your dog.

We can do any type of training you desire. I use my dogs here to show you general obedience commands with verbal markers and hand signals. This type of venue is just as good as if I was at your home, plus you save $,

We can walk you through proper training techniques to help resolve any issue. You can also email us videos, pictures, and info about your dog’s behavior before we talk so we can see just what issues you’re having with your dog. Together, we can come up with a solid plan on how to address the issues you are struggling with, and get you on the path to success.

To get your remote training started just fill out the contact form here on my website and let me know some possible days and times that you are available for Skype Training.

Dan Ross - Owner - Certified Trainer

My advanced-trained dogs will assist me in our training session. I have over 35 years of experience training dogs. You can feel confident in getting great results with my guidance. You can use your Computer or Cell phone. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you

Benefits of Personal Training

When you get personalized training from me you will have the tools and mindset to train your dog and (FUTURE DOGS) you may own. Training your dog will help you get the best bond possible. Training stimulates your dog's brain so they are less likely to chew, jump, or bark excessively. I will teach you the correct body language to use at the appropriate times. You will learn hand signals and verbal markers to communicate to your dog. I will demonstrate how it is done then you will try to copy me. It is so much easier to learn when a professional explains every detail all the way through.

Dog Training

Tricks and Obedience Drills

This is my dog Ziggy at 1 year and 2 months old. This is only half of the skills she has. I started training her at 8 weeks old.

I am Trish C. This is my Yelp Review: I wanna be Daniel Ross when I grow up lol. I am in school for dog behavior and dog training. I ended up with a Doberman Pinscher on my doorstep who was abused. I have four dogs of my own and trying to complete school. I took this 2-year-old Doberman Pinscher and decided I would try to train him and make him adoptable. Well, this is a strong, fierce breed. After three days with this Dobie, I knew I needed REAL help. I live in L.A. county, upon looking up dog trainers, Dan's business popped and the reviews were stellar.

Long story short I hired Dan. The moment I met him he walked up to my driveway with such confidence and power. My neighbor was standing outside when Dan walked up. We both stood there in awe of this dog trainer walking up to my house like he was the bodyguard of the President of The United States!!!!! I was impressed, I watch body language closely. He has worked two times so far with my Dobie, we have a ways to go because we are taking this Dobie ALL the way to service dog training. 

Dan explains what's going on, has patience with me, because I'm worn out with this beast of a dog. He has me do exercises again and again. I will post two pics to show how this Dobie has changed since meeting Daniel. Dan follows up with a recap email after every session. He gives me tools that he thinks I could use and tells me to pay him another time. That's someone who wants to bring a dog and man together and harmony in the home. I feel safe with my dogs now that Daniel is in our lives. There's nothing he can't handle, he would just switch gears and try another way and wouldn't skip a beat. I've been a dog owner for a long time. Thanks to Dan I'm going to keep this Doberman who was beaten and mistreated for two years. It's work every day to get him better, but Dan makes it easy and understandable. The confidence Dan puts out ends up transferring to your dog. He teaches you how to be the pack leader. Dan will forever be my personal dog trainer, just look at the difference in these pictures of my Dobie before Dan, and after.

Training Videos

Trinity at 4 months old

Trinity is learning Heel, Drop it, Go to your place, Stop, Come, and Stay at this session.

Trick Training

Here are a few simple tricks you can teach your dog with markers and rewards. Engage with your dog. It helps makes a great bond.

Another dog rehabilitated

I have cured over 200 dogs that had fear of the automobile. Here is another happy camper rehabilitated!!

Service Pricing

Fewer Sessions Better Results

Basic Obedience

Package pricing at a discount.

Place, Come, Sit, Down, Stop, Stay, Leave it, Drop it, Leash Training, stop bad behavior, and Heel commands

Sessions are 1 & a half hours per session  for most situations.

Adva​nced Obedience, Emotional Support

Package pricing 

Advanced obedience will get your dog to obey you off leash, do a perfect Heel, Stop and Recall on command Your dog will do a prolonged Stay outdoors with distractions. Do special tricks or retrieve objects. These behaviors among others are perfected. Call for qoute.

Ag​gression & Fear Rehabilitation, Service Dog Training

FREE Phone Consultation

Requires Custom Quote

1 to 1 1/2 hour sessions


I give a free phone consultation and evaluation. If you are interested in using your dog for emotional support or a service dog and your dog has issues I will evaluate your dog in person for a nominal fee.​


Results may vary

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